Crystal Collection - Nina Ricci

When essence and bottle flirt with luxury

“Fragrance is a work of art, so the object that contains it should be a masterpiece.”

This is how Robert Ricci sums up the spirit of the “Collection Cristal” by Nina Ricci.
Crystal Collection - Nina Ricci

With its five emotive fragrances, each with their own sensitive bottles, this unique “handmade” edition is the very essence of precious. Designed with prestigious glass maker Lalique, it embodies the know-how and creativity of the Parisian house with sheer elegance.

Cœur Joie, L’Air du Temps, Fille d’Eve, Capricci, and Farouche.

Every one of these fragrances draws its inspiration from emotions, which the bottle transforms into an haute couture glass piece with the symbolic shape of a heart, doves, an apple, a faceted diamond.

At the intersection of sculpture and perfumery, the “Collection Cristal” positions itself as a kind of absolute infinity, channelling influences from antiquity and mingling poetic imaginations to invite every one of us on a journey through the time line of Nina Ricci.