Ricci's Faces - Nina Ricci

What do Nina Ricci women look like in 2022? What’s special about them? Their beauty? Maybe, but what else? On a walk replete with sounds and visuals, between the studio and the workshops, six figures embody the French fashion house’s new collection, inspired by its own expert skills. With remarkable sensitivity, every woman suggests a perspective on the basics rediscovered in the Nina Ricci wardrobe. They somehow manage to glide the spectator into this new era in a natural, simple demonstration of what really matters. Fierce moods, singular characters, oscillating between noisy and joyful, calm and silent. It’s all a paradox, with these women throwing everything off course. Just being isn’t enough for them. They are themselves, creative and invested. Their names are Zinnia, Bibi, Charlie. Who are they? What are they doing? Artists, singer, creative director, militants. These women have a personality, a history. They are the bright faces of Nina Ricci. There’s no doubt about it: they’re the ones to follow.

Charlie - Nina Ricci

Name: Charlie
Star sign: Taurus
City: London
Job: Artist
Unexpected skill: Knows how to breakdown film costumes into experimental electronica music

Ricci's faces - Nina Ricci
Ricci's faces - Nina Ricci
Ricci's faces - Nina Ricci

Name: Bibi
City: London
Star sign: Virgo
Profession: Singer / Model
Unexpected skill: Can cook an English breakfast in the dark

Charley - Nina Ricci

Name: Charley 
Star sign: leo
City: Clapham, London 
Profession: self portrait artist/ model LGBTQ+ activist
Unexpected skill: I am the self defined eBay queen; always snagging vintage designer treasures

"Courage to me is having the power to live authentically and not for anybody else"

Ricci's faces - Nina Ricci

Name: Lulu
City: New York
Star sign: Libra
Profession: Creative director and publisher
Unexpected skill: Can do film marathon from dusk till dawn

Lulu - Nina Ricci
Ricci's faces - Nina Ricci
Ricci's faces - Nina Ricci

Name: Diana
City: Kiev
Star sign: Aries
Profession: Artist
Unexpected skill: Your worst nightmare cooker, is that even a skill?

Zinnia - Nina Ricci

Name: Zinnia
Nickname: Zinni
City: London
Profession: South Asian Cultural Advisor,  Behaviour change Psychologist and Environmental Consultant.
Star sign: Aries
Unexpected skill: Bird handler (raptor specialist)

Zinnia - Nina Ricci