Who is Charlie, the experimental artist from our cast?

Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci

Musician, singer, performer, poet, sculptor, passionate about 3D… Protean English artist based in London, Charlie Osborne belongs to this generation which multiplies the fields of artistic expression without fear of getting lost. Meeting with a singular personality with blue eyes of 1m78, all freckles, discolored eyebrows and bitten nails, who simply likes to tell stories.

Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci
Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci

What were your earliest fashion memory?

When I was at school in Cardiff, trainers were everything. Me and my friends would spend the whole day in footlocker trying to find the right trainers. I’d always look for ones with stars and mad colour ways. In the playground we would swap shoes with eachother so my right foot would be a baby blue glittery shell top for example and the other a neon pink polka dot. I think it was the first time I really started to think about style. I was still in school uniform at that point so it hard to start with my shoes. 

Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci

Younger, did you look at what other kids are wearing?
Of course, it’s hard not too. I’ve experienced growing up around many types of kids and many types of clothes. I think gathering, remembering, borrowing and collaging together different ways of dressing is what makes identity and a style. In terms of clothes I’ve definitely followed trends during my childhood but most of my life I’ve enjoyed and accepted being the misfit. 

Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci

What’s your biggest style no go?
Boat shoes.

How do you feed your creativity in general?
It’s always from the gut, it’s always a quick manoeuvre from gut, to head, to heart, to hands.

Do you have a clear vision of how you see yourself as an artist?
I just want to keep making, keep growing and keep learning. 

Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci
Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci

Why did you want to start 3D? How did you get into doing what you do?
I got in to what I do naturally. I was really naughty at school and angry all the time, I think it was inevitable I would channel that in to making and writing and working hard. My practice consists of film, performance, sound, poetry and sculpture. I love to storytell through 3-dimensional components such as props and found objects. Working in this way man made and handmade way allows my love for magical and social realism to really bump heads. 

What’s your geekiest interest?

I think my geekiest interest is experimental film making, such as Dogme 95. 

What are you listening to on repeat at the moment?

Prince Swanny - catch 22. Heard it first in Paris actually. 

What is the piece of advice you give out that you never do yourself?

To stop. London for me is constant, and I love that but I always advise friends who are feeling consumed by their surroundings and routine to take time out. I seem to find that hard, maybe it’s because of my short attention span? I go to my mums for a couple days in Bristol and that’s enough for me.

Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci

What are you excited most about tomorrow?

I’m working on a Ridley Scott film at the moment so each day is different, it’s been my work routine for a while now so tomorrow is going to be that. 

Love from Charlie.

Interview Charlie Osborne - Nina Ricci