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Nina Ricci has created a new, fragrant chapter in the modern fable of Nina. Nina L’Eau is a vibrant, fresh fragrance, embodied by the stunning Frida Gustavsson. The time has come for the beautiful fairytale princess to cross the magic mirror to discover her secret. Nina L’Eau immortalizes this unique moment when the young girl becomes a woman. She is liberated, determined, and sets out to explore her inner desires and expectations. The real and imaginary worlds entwine around her. She is surrounded by an elusive white landscape. It is dazzlingly bright, yet mysterious. She plucks an unexpected fruit from a majestic tree. This delicious apple turns into fresh, fragrant water with intense feminine scents. It has notes of frosted neroli, apple blossom, gardenia and white musk. This floral, fruity creation by master perfumer Olivier Cresp is a breath of youth. Captivated by its evocative charm, Nina discovers that the best dreams are the ones you have when you’re awake.