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Nina is the fragrance of a fairy tale. It tells the story of Nina, a modern, sensual princess. She is firmly grounded in her everyday life but escapes from time to time to tend to her secret garden. Between these two worlds, she awakens her femininity. Its mystery is concealed in the love potion contained in an apple-shaped bottle, a captivating symbol of temptation and poetry. This intense floral fragrance, created in 2006, is a sparkling burst of spontaneity, an intoxicating blend of citrus fruits with the zingy freshness of lemon. It has a rich heart with notes of caramel cut through with a delicate, feminine, floral bouquet – an alluring fragrance that resonates with young women everywhere. Nina’s emblematic apple of love has become a classic. The Nina Le Parfum Facebook fan page has created the world’s biggest perfume community, with over 2 million fans. From the original soft, effervescent Eau de Toilette to the intense notes of Nina L’Elixir and the more recent Nina L’Eau, the success of the creations in the Nina line continues to grow. Limited and collector’s editions are also highly sought after and are becoming collector’s items. This magical nectar symbolises the essence of a radiant, sensual, flourishing femininity.