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The House of Nina Ricci

Peter Copping

2009 Peter Copping was appointed Nina Ricci's creative director. Having worked for fifteen years in Paris fashion, his sights are now set on capturing the essence of Ricci's femininity through a youthful, graceful style via subtly pared-back, playful sensuality. Copping takes pride in pursuing the same goals as associated with the brand's beginnings. "Nina Ricci has always been an incredibly feminine label, yet with a relaxed feel," he says. "I was very lucky, because the heritage left by Nina Ricci was more of a spirit than imposed dogmas. By continuing this approach, I am trying to capture the ultra-feminine side of the modern wardrobe." In his quest for excellence, Peter Copping has introduced a range of powdery hues that evoke the sensual and satin aspects of the skin, evoking the world of dreams and merging the image of the Ricci woman with a vision of spontaneous authenticity.