Nina l’eau, Nina Ricci, le nouveau parfum


Forever dreaming but never asleep.

In this new incarnation, Nina is more sensual, mysterious and liberated than ever before. As enigmatic as a fairy tale, both graceful and determined. A young girl searches for herself, playfully flirting with magic and the unexpected that she meets along the way.



Secret agreement

Each fragrance is a unique olfactory creation. Nina Ricci reveals the secret formula of a white swirl.

La fragrance, une eau florale, Fruitée, fraîche et gourmande

A fresh, fruity and floral fragrance.

Nina l’Eau is a vast, white cloud. The freshness of frosted neroli, with also the softness and femininity of apple blossom, the sensuality of gardenia, and full bodied white musk...

The breeze of youth, bright, light and sensual.

la gamme

parfum nina l'eau

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